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  • If you order 5 or more trees of any one named variety a 10 % quantity discount applies, this will be quoted on your order confirmation.
  • Tree Crops Association members who have a current membership are also entitled to a 5 % discount, please quote you membership number when submitting an order.
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CITRUS - All citrus are available immediately in P B 10's and are @ $35.00 (incl) plus freight and Packing

LEMON - Citrus limon

  • LEMON - MEYER A very popular lemon for the home garden. More cold tolerant than other varieties. The lemons are medium in size, thin skinned, frost tolerant and have sweetly fragrant flowers. Height 2m x 1.5m
  • LEMON - YEN BEN A prolific bearer of thin skinned juicy fruit. The Main crop is in July and they are highly ornamental. Slightly frost tender.

- Citrus aurantifolia Limes require more heat than most citrus and due to small size are ideal to grow in pots as long as they are well watered. Ripen fruit on the tree as they do not keep well.

  • LIME - KAFFIR A low growing evergreen shrub mainly used for its highly flavoured leaves particularly in Asian dishes. Ideal in containers but does require deep regular watering. Unusual 2 lobed leaves.
  • LIME - TAHITIAN Tolerates a wide range of soils. Fruit resemble a a smooth-skinned lemon, seedless and very acid and ripen mainly in Spring.

MANDARIN - Citrus reticulata grows well in most parts of the North Island and warmer parts of the South Island

  • MANDARIN - SATSUMA A very popular, sweet seedless easy to grow and peel variety. The fruit ripens in winter on a highly ornamental tree. Ideal for containers and in ground in a warm sheltered site. fruit may become dry if left too long on the tree after maturation.

ORANGE - Citrus sinensis

  • ORANGE - VALENCIA Averaged sized fruit with a rich flavour. fruit ripening in November and carry through until March. Frost tender so good for posts and sunny, sheltered areas. moderate water needs.

TANGELO - Citrus reticulata x C. paradisi

  • TANGELO - SEMINOLE A vigorous and high yeilding fruit tree with lush green foliage. Extremely fragrant white flowers. Fruit are large, smooth and glossy with deep red coloured fruit. High juice and a rich sweet flavoured flesh. Height 4 x 3 metres.

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