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The 2013 Edible Garden Catelogue is now available! Download the catelogue and order form in PDF format below:

For ease of distribution the entire Retail Catalogue and Order Form are available as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) documents. This requires you have the Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin installed on your computer. Most modern Internet Browsers have this plugin pre-installed but if you are unable to view these documents you may need to visit the Adobe website at [link], or e-mail Edible Garden a request for a printed version. We are only to happy to mail one out to you so do remember to include your return Postal Mail Address.

Catelogue 2013


Please use this page to check if we still hold stock of the item you require. If you are unsure, then do not hesitate to contact us for further information. If stock is sold out, then it will be listed in the STATUS column below.

To place an order, either print off the order form and post in or you can send me an email. To make an order I need a postal and delivery address plus a contact phone number. Once you have placed an order you will be sent an order confirmation, a 25% deposit is then required to secure your order. The balance is payable on receipt of trees and the invoice. Payment can be made by cheque, credit Card (Visa and MasterCard) or direct banking. Edible Garden Ltd bank account information is BNZ, account number 020628 0143779 30 please use your customer code as a reference. This is found on order confirmations and invoices in brackets after your name. It is a 4 letter code.

Delivery will take place when the trees are dormant in winter (July/August) The trees can either be couriered to you or collected from the nursery by prior arrangement. Trees can be delivered to a Rural Delivery address but at an additional cost of $4.00 per parcel, please bear in mind that it will take up to 48 hours for delivery to a Rural Delivery address. Freight is $10.00 per 10kg (5 average bare rooted trees) in the local area ( Taihape, Carterton and Waikanae). $14.00 per 10kg (5 average size trees) to the Lower North Island. $21.00 per 10kg per (5 Average size trees) Upper North Island. Freight to the South Island is $30.00 per 10kg (5 average sized bare rooted trees). Extra for an overnight delivery. Trees in Planter bgs (containers) are heavier and will be charged accordingly. Packing is Free on 3 or more trees, under 3 trees and packing is $5.00.

Edible Garden LTD Product List and Price Index
AL210-5CAlmond IXL on Peach120/160$27.00
AL213-5CAlmond No. 402 on Peach120/160$27.00
AL215-5CAlmond Self-fertile120/160$27.00
AP141-5CApple Ballarat on MM102120/160$27.00
AP142-5CApple Cox's Orange - Greenmeadow on MM102120/160$27.00
AP143-5CApple Golden Delicious on MM102120/160$27.00
AP145-5CApple Harold Red Delicious on MM102120/160$27.00
AP146-5CApple Sturmer on MM102120/160$27.00
AP150-5Apple Aorangi on MM106120/160$27.00
AP160-5Apple Bramley on MM106120/160$27.00
AP170-5Apple Dayton on MM106120/160$27.00
AP171-5Apple Devonshire Quarrenden on MM106120/160$27.00
AP172-5Apple Discovery on MM106120/160$27.00
AP173-5Apple Freyburg on MM106120/160$27.00
AP174-5Apple Granny Smith120/160$27.00
AP175 -5Apple Hetlina on MM106120/160$27.00
AP192-5Apple Jonagold on MM106120/160$27.00
AP190-5Apple Kentish Filbasket on MM106120/160$27.00
AP189-5Apple Liberty on MM106120/160$27.00
AP177-5Apple Lobo on MM106120/160$27.00
AP178-5Apple Maclear on MM106120/160$27.00
AP179-5Apple Merton Russet on MM106120/160$27.00
AP180-5Apple Montys Surprise on MM106 (Royalty)120/160$30.00
AP188-5Apple Mother on MM106120/160$27.00
AP181-5Apple Peasgood Nonsuch on MM106120/160$27.00
AP182-5Apple Priscilla on MM106120/160$27.00
AP193-5Apple Roberts Stripe on MM106120/160$27.00
AP194-5Apple Telstar on MM106120/160$27.00
AP195-5MApple Tropicana on MM106120/160$27.00
AP183-5Apple Takapuna Russet on MM106120/160$27.00
AP184-5Apple Tydemans Late Orange on MM106120/160$27.00
AP186-5Apple Winter Banana on MM106120/160$27.00
AP187-5Apple Worcestor Pearmain on MM106120/160$27.00
AP196-5Apple 20 oz on MM106120/160$27.00
AP134-5Apple Granny Smith on Northern Spy120/160$27.00
AP132-5Apple Hetlina on Northern Spy120/160$27.00
AP135-5Apple Priscilla on Northern Spy120/160$27.00
AP136-5Apple Bisquet (Cider) on Northern Spy120/160$27.00
AP137-5Apple Kingston Black (Cider) on Northern Spy120/160$27.00
AP138-5Apple Sidero (Cider) on Northern Spy120/160$27.00
AP130-5Apple Dual Kingston Black/Sidero120/160$35.00
AP132-5Apple Dual Kingston Black/Sweet Alford120/160$35.00
AP860-5Apple Dual Braeburn/Granny Smith120/160$35.00
AP870-5Apple Dual Bramley/Royal Gala120/160$35.00
AP880-5Apple Dual Egremont Russet/Bramley120/160$35.00
AP890-5Apple Dual Montys Surprise/Royal Gala120/160$35.00
AP895-5Apple Dual Mother/Discovery120/160$35.00
AP900-5Apple Dual Peasgood Nonsuch/Montys Surprise120/160$35.00
AP910-5Apple Dual Royal Gala/Granny Smith120/160$35.00
AP950 5Apple Triple Braeburn/G Delicious/Royal Gala120/160$35.00
AP960-5Apple Triple Splendour/R Gala/Braeburn120/160$35.00
AR005-5Apricot - Low Aprigold120/160$27.00
AR002-5Apricot - Low Garden Annie120/160$27.00
AR004-5Apricot - Low Golden Glow120/160$27.00
AR149-5Apricot Fitzroy on Peach120/160$27.00
AR040-5GApricot Gold Nugget (Royalty)120/160$30.00
AR148-5CApricot Moorpark on Plum Myroblan120/160SOLD
AR201-5Apricot Dual Sundrop/Trevatt120/160$35.00
BB100-1Blackberry - Black ThornlessP B 3$14.00
BL007-2Black Walnut$10.00
BU300-4Blueberry BluecropPB5$18.00
BU400-4Blueberry CenturionPB5$18.00
BU600-4Blueberry O'NeilPB5$18.00
BU700-4Blueberry Petite BluePB5$18.00
BU900-4Blueberry TifbluePB5$18.00
CG208-5CCherry Compact Stella120/160$27.00
GC214-5Cherry Rainer120/160$27.00
CG216-5Cherry Stella120/160$27.00
CG217-5Cherry Tangshe120/160$27.00
CG218-5Cherry Dual Dawson/Lapins120/160$35.00
CG219-5Cherry Dual Rainer/Lapins120/160$35.00
CH046-4Chestnut Krippners (Formerly No. 1005)120/160$27.00
CU009-2Currant Gloria de Versailles - Red40/60$15.00
CU012-2Currant Magnus - Black40/60$15.00
CI090-2PCitrus - Grapefruit Golden SpecialPB10$35.00
CI095-2PCitrus - Grapefruit Star RubyPB10$35.00
CI100-2PCitrus - Lemon MeyerPB10$35.00
CI150-2PCitrus - Lemon Yen BenPB10$35.00
CI200-2PCitrus - Lime - TahitianPB10$35.00
CI170-2PCitrus - Lime KaffirPB10$35.00
CI210-2PCitrus - Mandarin SatsumaPB10$35.00
CI230-2PCitrus - Orange NavelinaPB10$35.00
CI250-2PCitrus - Orange ValenciaPB10$35.00
CI300-2PCitrus - Tangelo SeminolePB10$35.00
FE004-3Feijoa - ApolloPB 12$18.00
FE005-3Feijoa - UniquePB 12$18.00
FE007-3Feijoa - Wiku Tu (Royalty)PB 12$18.00
FI008-4Fig Brown Turkey90/120$16.00
FI012-4Fig Brunswick90/120$16.00
FI040-4Fig French Sugar90/120$16.00
FI051-4Fig Misa90/120$16.00
FI090-4Fig Mrs Williams90/120$16.00
FI060-4Fig Robyn90/120$16.00
FI080-4Fig San Pedro90/120$16.00
GO000-1Gooseberry Pax40/60$17.00
GO013-1Gooseberry Invicta40/60$18.00
GR020-4Grape Albany Surprise90/120$16.00
GR100-4Grape Canadice90/120$16.00
GR601-4Grape E A Robinson90/120$16.00
GR250-4Grape Iona90/120$16.00
GR300-4Grape Pinot Meunier90/120$16.00
GR702-4Grape Schuyler90/120$16.00
GR800-4Grape Urbana90/120$16.00
HH007-3Hazelnut Alexandra - Grafted60/90$22.00
HH017-3Hazelnut Barcelona60/90$15.00
HH032-3Hazelnut Ennis60/90$15.00
HH155-3Hazelnut Merv de Bolwillier60/90$15.00
HH202-2Hazelnut Whiteheart60/90$15.00
HH500-2Hazelnut Dual Alexandra/Merv de Bol60/90$22.00
HH600-2Hazelnut Dual Barcelona/Merv de Bol40/60$22.00
KI012-3Kiwifruit Dual Male & FemalePB$23.00
MA100-5Malus Golden Hornet on MM106120/160$25.00
MA150-5Malus Gorgeous on MM106120/160$25.00
MA200-5Malus Jack Humm on MM106120/160$25.00
MA250-5Malus Jelly King on MM106120/160$25.00
MA300-5Malus Wright's Scarlet on MM106120/160$25.00
MU200-3PMulberry Black English 'Queenie'PB5$25.00
CR002-0FMyrtleberry - Ugni moliane in a PB15/25$15.00
Ne170-5CNectarine Fantasia120/160$25.00
NE160-5cNectarine Redgold120/160$25.00
NE180-5CNectarine Snow Queen120/160$25.00
NE190-5CNectarine Springred120/160$25.00
NE200-5CNectarine Sunglo120/160$25.00
NE300-5DNectarine Dual Red Gold/Firebrite120/160$35.00
OL002-3FOlive Frantoio in a PB6.560/90$15.00
OL005-3FOlive Koroneiki in a PB6.560/90$15.00
OL010-3FOlive ManzanillO in PB6.560/90$15.00
Not Available 2010
OR100-1POrangeberry - Rubus pentulobus 25/40$12.00
PA100-1PPassionfruit - Large Black Eating 25/40$10.00
PE100-4PPersimmon Fuyu in a PB1090/120$35.00
PF100-5Peach Cathren on Peach (Royalty)120/160$25.00
PF120-5Peach Gordon Glory on Mariana120/160$25.00
PF141-5Peach Keri Gold on Peach (Royaly)120/160$25.00
PF140-5Peach Keri Gold on Myrobalan (Royalty)120/160$25.00
PF142-3Peach Kotare Honey - a 50cm Standard60/90$25.00
PF204-5Peach Reefton on peach120/160$25.00
PF245-5DPeach Dual Blackboy/Red Haven120/160$35.00
PF246-5DPeach Dual Blackboy/Snow Queen120/160$35.00
PF250-5Peachcott on Myrobalan120/160$25.00
PF251-5Peachcott on Peach120/160$25.00
PG022-5CPeacherine Healeys120/160$25.00
PH100-5CPear Dwf Beurre Bosc120/160$25.00
PH200-5CPear Dwf Concorde120/160$25.00
PH210-5CPear Dwf Conference120/160$25.00
PH227-5CPear Dwf Doyeene du Comice120/160$25.00
PH335-5CPear Dwf Packham's Triumph120/160$25.00
PH650-5CPear Dwf Starks Crimson120/160$25.00
PH708-5CPear Dwf William Bon Chretien120/160$25.00
PH709-5CPear Dwf Winter Cole120/160$25.00
PH800-5CPear Dwf Winter Nelis120/160$25.00
PH900-5Pear Burrita Precose Moretini120/160$25.00
PH950-5Pear Burrita Rosata Moretini120/160$25.00
PI100-5Pear Dual Red Bartlett/Doyenne Du Comice120/160$35.00
PI490-5Pear Dual Seckle/Doyenne du Comice120/160$35.00
PO051-5CPlum Billingtons120/160$25.00
PO076-5CPlum Black Doris120/160$25.00
PO117-5CPlum Burbank120/160$25.00
PO120-5CPlum Cherry - Heard120/160$25.00
PO123-5CPlum Cherry - Pernel120/160$25.00
PO124-5CPlum Coes Golden Drop120/160$25.00
PO126-5CPlum Damson120/160$25.00
PO154-5CPlum Duffs Early Jewel120/160$25.00
PO155-5CPlum Elephant Heart120/160$25.00
PO300-5Plum Kereru Gold120/160$25.00
PO353-5CPlum Hawera120/160$25.00
PO410-5CPlum Purple King120/160$25.00
PO420-5CPlum Reine Claude du Bavay120/160$25.00
PO530-5CPlum Satsuma120/160$25.00
PO550-5CPlum Sultan120/160$25.00
PP300-5Plum Dual Billington's/Black Doris120/160$35.00
PM100-2Pomegranate Wonderful40/60$15.00
PP602-4Prune Stanley on Myrobalan120/160$25.00
QU007-5Quince Smyrna120/160$25.00
QU008-5Quince Taihape120/160$25.00
TM100-3PTamarillo - Red PB5$10.00
WG200-3Walnut Dublins Glory60/90$50.00
WG135-3Walnut Meyric60/90$50.00
WG142-3Walnut Meyric on Nigra60/90$50.00
WG145-5Walnut Meyric - Seedling120/160$25.00
WG300-3Walnut Rex60/90$50.00
WG191-3Walnut Shannon60/90$50.00
WG195-3Walnut Shannon on Nigra60/90$50.00
WG072-3Walnut Wilsons Wonder60/90$50.00
WG077-3Walnut Wilsons Wonder on Nigra60/90$50.00
Koanga Gardens Heirloom Fruit VARIETIES '“ All N.Z. Heirloom
BOOK 1"Designing your own orchard" by Kay Baxter$35.00
BOOK 3"Koanga Garden Guide" by Kay Baxter$54.00
AD000-3PActinidia arguta -Male/Female cocktail kiwifruit$35.00
(All prices include a Royalty)
AP162-5KApple Captain Kidd on MM106$28.00
AP187-5KApple Early Strawberry on MM106$28.00
AP222-5KApple Mayflower on MM106$28.00
AP259-5KApple Reninette du Canada on MM106$28.00
AP062-5KApple Captain Kidd on Northern Spy$28.00
AP087-5KApple Early Strawberry on Northern Spy$28.00
AP117-5KApple Mayflower on Northern Spy$28.00
AP139-4KApple Reninette du Canada on Northern Spy$28.00
AR152-5KApricot Pahi on Peach$28.00
AR191-5KApricot Tamaki on Peach$28.00
AR155-5KApricot Waipapakauri on Peach$28.00
El013-3Elderberry Adam Potted into PB5's$15.00
FI002-4KFig Adriatic$16.00
FI004-4KFig Black$16.00
FI020-4KFig Hydmyns$16.00
GR031-4KGrape Bishop Pompalier$16.00
GR432-4KGrape Niagra$16.00
NE120-5KNectarine Black Pearl onPeach$28.00
NE133-5KNectarine Kaitaia on Peach$28.00
PF055-5KPeach Blackboy on Peach$28.00
PF132-5KPeach Hokianga Golden Queen on Peach$28.00
PG030-5Peacherine Matakohe on Peach$28.00
PH120-4Pear Dwf Berts Special Early$28.00
PH150-4Pear Dwf Berts Special William Bon Chretien$28.00
PH152-4Pear Dwf Clergeou$28.00
PH302-4Pear Dwf Keifer$28.00
PH350-4Pear Dwf Princess$28.00
PH602-4Pear Dwf Seckle$28.00
PH677-4Pear Dwf Triumph de Vienna$28.00
PO094-5KPlum Black Prince on Myrobalan$28.00
PO153-5KPlum Dan's Early on Myrobalan$28.00
PO252-5KPlum Mangamuka - Greengage on myrobalan$28.00
PO600-5KPlum Tamaki Special on Peach$28.00
PP600-5KPrune Ahipara on Myrobalan$28.00
Edible Garden CATALOGUE
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New Zealand

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